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Budget Template And Its Types

A Budget template is a very essential instrument you need to have if you are managing your personal finances or your company/office. This is rather a first step to have your budget template to manage your finances.

  • Based on your needs, you can have either weekly budget or monthly budget in place.
  • If you are managing your office or company finance then you can opt for office budget template. This budget template helps you know beforehand, what is going to be the quantum your receipts and expenses and accordingly enables you to decide the priorities depending on the urgency.
  • Maintaining Home budget template or daily personal expense budget plan template excel will go a long way in streamlining your personal finances and will help you to be prepared for any eventuality and possible areas of savings, while you exercise control on wasteful expenditure and plan for future commitments.
  • Budget Template for Special Occasion You will appreciate that a Budget template, depending on your requirements, can be simple or multi functional. In case, you wish to prepare a budget template for your personal requirements or for an upcoming project or for a onetime event (like New Year, birthday, marriage etc.), you can select a budget template that suits most appropriately.

Following are various types of budget templates: Personal Budget/ Personal monthly Budget worksheet, Weekly budget template, Household budget worksheet, Simple Budget worksheet, and Business budget. Budget templates can be customized to match your necessities.

Monthly Budget worksheet

helps to figure out the approaching Income and expenditure by entering the same under suitable heads, which can be renamed or changed as needed. This template has been found very useful by those who have just started living on their own.

Weekly Budget Template

Weekly budget template

Weekly budget template is more popular with people who draw their salaries/wages once in a week or get their pay check one in two weeks. This Weekly budget template is developed for this kind of users. This template enables you to oversee your bank accounts, record the money dealings and most importantly compare with your previous period’s expenses. This way you can cut short or avoid unproductive expenses.

Weekly Budget Template Word Format



Weekly Budget Template Excel Format

Weekly Budget Template PDF Format



Home Budget Template

Household budget worksheet is a very fitting budget template, if you are looking for an elaborate document that can help you with managing your household expenses. You can have targets for the expenditure that is not a fixed type of spending. You can compare your actual expenditure with your proposed budget on a monthly basis.

Simple Budget Worksheet

Simple Budget worksheet, a new template relatively, provides you with a tremendously simple method to make a budget for the first time. The very idea behind this template is to help you decide what amount you can spare for savings/investments each and every month.

Business Budget Template

A business enterprise cannot manage its day to day business without a Business budget irrespective of its size and nature of business. A business budget template helps you to identify the areas where or whether your business can flourish further or consider giving a hike to you or your employees or enhance the stock levels or invest in acquiring more assets or whether you are on the brink of financial crisis and prompts you to take necessary steps to tackle such situations.

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